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When I read the ingredients after reading the hook line, The REAL Long Island Ice Tea, this brought back memories of how my grandmother made this as my wedding punch about 40 years ago. Everyone talked about this slamming drink and wondered what were the ingredients Il Long Island Iced Tea è un cocktail a base di vodka, gin, rum bianco e triple sec. La bevanda deve il suo nome non alla presenza effettiva di tè freddo ma all'aspetto finale della preparazione e all'odore, che assomigliano a quelli del tè al limone

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  1. A Long Island iced tea is a type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as its namesake. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec, with ​ 1 1⁄2 parts sour mix and a splash of cola
  2. In the following paragraphs, we are going to take a look at the standard Long Island Iced Tea ingredients. Overall, Long Island iced tea contains five shots of alcohol, a sweet and sour mix, and fuzzy drink or juice, according to your preferences; Vodka - When it comes to making Long Island iced tea, it is important to start with vodka
  3. Come fare il Long Island Iced Tea cocktail Preparate il cocktail direttamente nel bicchiere. Mettete del ghiaccio, poi versate tutti gli alcolici in parti uguali, il succo, lo sciroppo, completate con la cola e mescolate gentilmente. Decorate con scorze di lime e limone
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  5. Hawaiian Iced Tea - Using the Long Island recipe, top this drink with pineapple juice and skip the cola. Electric Iced Tea - Blue curacao replaces the triple sec and the soda is switched out to lemon-lime soda. It's a brilliant blue drink. Texas Tea - Simply add bourbon to the Long Island for an even more potent mix
  6. The Long Island Iced Tea is likely the strongest one you can mix up, but make sure you sip these babies slowly - they sure do pack a punch! Long Island Iced Tea is an easy-gulping, one-and-done stiffy. Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients 1/2 Fluid Ounce Vodk
  7. 2 cups ice cubes. 1 ounce vodka. 1 ounce gin. 1 ounce white rum. 1 ounce white tequila. 1/2 ounce Triple Sec. 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice. 1/2 cup cola, or to tast

Best then not to intellectualize the Long Island Iced Tea and simply love it for what it is: an easy-gulping, one-and-done stiffy. If you're looking to tame your tea a bit, pull back the boozy parts from three-quarter ounce to half-ounce, and lean in on the cola Long Island Iced Tea. Ingredients - 3 oz (90 ml) Master of Mixes Collins Mixer - .5 oz (15 ml) vodka - .25 oz (7 ml) rum - .25 oz - Soda; Directions - Combine first five ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice. - Shake and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. - Top with lemon-lime soda and a splash of Master of Mixes.

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  1. What are Long Island Iced Tea ingredients? A Long Island traditionally consists of five different spirits: vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec. Citrus, like lemon or lime juice, is then added..
  2. Long Island iced tea Be the first to rate this recipe This classic cocktail certainly packs a punch! It includes vodka, gin, rum and orange liqueur
  3. Long Island Iced Tea. Overview; Serving Facts; Featured Spirits; Overview Alc. by Vol. 13.2%. Can Volume 12oz. Top-shelf ingredients aren't typically associated with this notorious cocktail. Our elevated interpretation features four award-winning spirits with citrus notes and a splash of cola
  4. Sourcing the Ingredients for the Long Island Iced Tea Traditionally, long island iced teas are made from a combination of vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and triple sec. There is also usually a splash of some kind of dark soda. It's clear that this classic drink is heavy on the alcohol
  5. It's easy to customize Long Island iced tea ingredients to suit your tastes. For instance, try adjusting the tequila. If you like a bolder flavor, use one ounce. If you would prefer a more mellow drink, then use a half ounce in this Long Island recipe.—Taste of Home Test Kitche

An easy-to-follow recipe for Long Island Iced Tea for that refreshing drink at the end of the week with a kick! Nothing beats a classic cocktail recipe that would certainly on anyone's favorites list. A balanced drink with a blend of spirits, orange liqueur and sweet and sour mix then rounded off with the classic Coca-cola. 1 tbsp vodk Long Island Iced Tea! Served in a pitcher, this is the ultimate party cocktail. Made with tequila, rum, vodka, gin, and triple sec. It packs a punch

Dans un shaker, verser tous les ingrédients, sauf le cola et la rondelle de citron. Agiter vivement pendant 8 à 10 secondes. Verser le contenu du shaker à travers une passoire à glaçons dans un verre highball rempli de glaçons. Allonger avec le cola The Long Island iced tea is right for the job. It's boozy but balanced, and despite the variety of spirits, the Long Island is delicious and easy to drink. What Is a Long Island Iced Tea? The Long Island is a highball cocktail, a hefty concoction consisting of not two, not three, but four different spirits Long Island Iced Tea Recipe. Long Island Iced Tea. Considering there is no actual tea in this recipe, Ingredients. 15ml vodka 15ml silver tequila 15ml golden rum 15ml gin 15ml orange liqueur 1Oml lemon juice 1Oml sugar syrup Cola to top Lemon wedge Cubed ice You Will Need. Cocktail shaker Strainer. Method Long Island Drink is an easy recipe, this drink is made with 5 spirits and actually tastes like sweet iced tea. If you're wondering what a Long Island Iced Tea actually is, I'll explain. A Long Island Drink is a mixed drink that is usually made with light rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, and a splash of cola This is the way I make Long Island Iced Tea. It does taste different from the usual Long Island. The citrus is a nice touch. Since I am frequently asked for the recipe by those that try it... I am posting it for all. As always, use quality liquor. Cheers

Long Island iced tea - Wikipedi

  1. Long Island iced tea is a straightforward drink, which doesn't require fuss and unnecessary steps; you mix the ingredients, pour everything over some ice and there you have it. We hope you make it at the next gathering of your friends, and of they ask you how you made it so good, simply share this recipe with them
  2. Tools used to make this Long Island Iced Tea. Measuring Shot Glass: Make your cocktail fabulous every time with these measurement shot glasses.Each glass has ounces and teaspoon measurements printed on them so you know you're pouring the right amount for each drink
  3. In fact, Long Island iced tea uses the same spirits as the Long Beach iced tea. These include: vodka, triple sec, gin, tequila and light rum. However, what sets these two apart is that the Long Island drink includes a splash of cola, whereas the other one includes cranberry juice
  4. I first made these Long Island Ice tea jello shots for a friends birthday party and they were a huge hit! In fact, people were giving them rave reviews! They might not be the prettiest of shots, but they sure are tasty! One great thing about these shots is that you only need a little [
  5. Today we wanted to recognize those bartenders that have been making Long Island Ice Tea without tequila and with a bit more grace and flavor than the complet..
  6. Although this iced tea looks like one Mom would make on a hot Summer day, the Long Island Iced Tea is an adult-only beverage, so be sure to enjoy responsibly
  7. What's in a Long Island Iced Tea? It not only contains Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold but also vodka, tequila, triple sec and gin too. As its name hints, Long Island Iced Tea was supposedly discovered in Long Island, just outside Manhattan, by a buccaneering bartender hoping to make his fortune in a competition
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